Special products for each applications

Junkosha provides a wide range of products that adhere to the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability. Each one is created using advanced applied technologies, such as fluoropolymers.

Junkosha continues to advance and innovate in the sectors it operates in through its precisely engineered product ranges. We aim to provide customers with unsurpassed value by delivering on their unmet needs. Our entire portfolio is created by applying our unique expertise, which has been cultivated, based on polymer science and our key technologies for over 50 years.

Semiconductor wafer measurement

Semiconductor development requires high reproducibility and durability which involves stringent testing under extreme temperatures. Featuring high phase stability against temperature fluctuations and bending, and durability from repeated bending, Junkosha's MWX products are used for wafer measurements, thereby contributing to the development of next-generation semiconductors. We can recommend solutions that combine small-diameter cables designed exclusively for semiconductor development with stable electrical properties and low-profile connectors.
In addition, we have added a form retention function to MWX001 (110 GHz) and MWX002 (120 GHz), to help with the reproducibility of testing in case of a moving probe pin, this has resulted in even higher stability.


Equipment used for space exploration is exposed to extreme environments, including vacuum, radiation and temperature changes. It is critical the equipment used has the highest reliability to enable it to endure the impact of launch. We have developed exclusive connectors for use in space, which feature a wide operating temperature range, high stability in environments with changing temperatures and superior resistance to impact.
Offering all of these properties, the Junkosha's MWX range is used in wiring for high-speed signals in space equipment, such as satellites, thereby contributing to the expansion of human knowledge.

5G next-generation communications

5G next-generation communications enable the high-speed transmission of large amounts of data. Accordingly, the highest precision is required for cables used as transmission lines in this area.
Junkosha's MWX range maintains stable electrical properties, even with extreme temperature changes, thereby contributing to the development of next-generation communications infrastructure.
In addition, the superior flexibility and durability during bending of Junkosha's MWX range, enables quicker measurements.


In the defense sector, information must be transmitted with absolute confidence, even under extremely harsh conditions. With its superior durability, Junkosha's MWX range helps to achieve success.
Its structure endures wide temperature changes, vibrations and impact. In our manufacturing process, we conduct strict quality control based on military standards.
In addition, Junkosha's MWX range is compatible with the high-precision phase management required for phased array radars, the demand for which is growing rapidly.

High-frequency interconnects

The field of metrology is rapidly shifting to higher frequencies. In millimeter-wave measurements, where transmission speed is extremely high and wavelengths are small, mmWave interconnects with high precision and high flexibility can transfer mmWave signals with ease. With these flexible, high precsion assemblies , Junkosha's mmWave interconnects enable innovative design and high-quality transmission characteristics, previously impossible with conventional waveguides or semi-rigid cables.


Daily broadcasting of sports events and news requires information to be transmitted great distances without interruption.
Junkosha's MWX series realize information transmission with absolute certainty, enabled by our ability to design low loss, high-precision assembly technologies that meet the highest quality standards, ensured by 100% inspection levels.
In addition, the cables' lightweight, high flexibility design and extensive durability with bending enable them to be handled quickly and efficiently at broadcast locations.

Signal integrity

Signal processing speeds are set to continue to rise in the future, resulting in the need to process large amounts of information more rapidly. This trend makes it very important to evaluate the transmission quality of high-speed signals.
Junkosha's MWX microwave cable assembly improves measurement precsion by minimizing the phase change caused by mechanical stress (bending) on cables seen with complicated, high-density wiring.
In addition, the properties of the flexible, small-diameter MWX cables reduce the stress of connecting and handling.

Digital protocol testing

Universal digital interfaces, such as USB and HDMI, continue to evolve toward higher speed and functionality. Signal-processing speed is increasing due to this evolution, making protocol evaluation increasingly difficult.
Junkosha's MWX microwave cable assemblies are of a precise length, which enables the cables to be precisely delay matched. The result is an electrical length to within 1ps (peak-peak) for processing differential digital signals. We offer two cables per set, but are prepared to provide customers with 16 cables per set, depending on the end use.

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